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Yanado Basics –
Start Organizing Your Work

Welcome to “Basics of Yanado”. Let’s learn some basic things and get on with organizing your daily routine, business or personal life. We’ll begin with lists.

1. Organize Your Projects with TODO Lists

Making a list is a first thing you should do, once you’ve created your Yanado account. List helps you organize your tasks, plans and projects.

Adding a new list is a piece of cake. Find the orange “Add New List” button in the left lower corner  and click on it. Name your list, choose a status for it and there you go!


Editing is just as easy. In the list bar on the left side, find a list you want to edit, click the settings icon in front of it and change it as you like.


Now that you’re done with creating your list let’s move on to adding some tasks to it.
2. Add Tasks and Create Tasks from Emails

A task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time. But keeping it simple, a task is a business meeting, strategic plan, dentist appointment or anything else you want to do, you’re already doing or you need to be done.

To make a new task – in card view, pick a list you want your task in, click the grey “Add New Task” link in the bottom of it, name your list and press enter to save it.

If you’re using the list view, things are the same, just click the “Add New Task” link that’s on top of the screen. Voila!

Also, any of your emails can be made out into a task. Let me show you how. Open an email and at the top of it, find the drop down “Add as Task” menu with Yanado logo. Click on it and add it to a list it belongs to.

Each list can have as many tasks included as needed. No limits. Also, editing, renaming or deleting a task is always a possibility. Furthermore, there are some other task options like:

  • sharing a task with other users,
  • assigning a task to your workers,
  • making comments about the task,
  • attaching files and pictures in the task,
  • subscribing yourself to a task and
  • archiving a task, once you’re finished with a task and you check it off.

3. Let Yanado Remind You of Important Tasks

Don’t you hate forgetting meetings, birthdays or deadlines? Well, we thought about that and now, every task has a reminder button on it. Open a task you want to be reminded of, click the clock icon in the upper right corner and set the date and time. To reset the date and time or to turn the reminder off, simply click the clock icon again.


For more settings, click the calendar icon in the right corner and it will let you change the event details, event colors, notification settings and visibility.

calendar details

Once you’ve done that, settings about the reminder will automatically be saved in your Google Calendar where you’ll be able to see it and you won’t forget a thing anymore.

4. Keep up With Your Progress Through
Task Statuses

Status of the task, lets you see your own progress throughout the time. To do, doing and done can “do the work” but you can always add more of your owns by clicking the settings icon in front of the chosen list, in the left list bar. Name your status, pick a color for it and it is ready to be used.

To change the status of a task, open a task, click the status and simply click on the new status of that task.

change task status

5. Use Tags to Group Similar Tasks

Just like on every other media or social network, tags are used for filtering informations faster. Use hashtags in your comments, task descriptions, task or list names and make your search easier. Once you’re in a hurry, you’ll be glad you hash-tagged it!

hashtag title



Here’s a post about some tips on how to use tags in Yanado. Check it out.

6. Visualize Your Work by Using
Card or List View

We try to make your organizing as simple as it gets. That’s why we have two types of view for your Yanado profile. First one is the list view – classic task list and the second one is the card view, which is a visual display of your progress and work. To change them, find the view button in the top right corner (right next to the question mark for contact) pick a type of view that suits you and go with it.


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  • Jim Gavioli

    I’ve been using Yanado for a few days and it’s already one of my most used productivity tools. Brilliantly conceived, intuitive, really no learning curve.. just install and go, thanks Ivan!

    • Thanks Jim, we’re all happy Yanado is working out for you. As you already know, whatever you need, issues or ideas, you can always reach me mate.

  • Victor Soto

    Just downloaded it! helpful intructions…lets see if it can rock my inbox

  • Carl

    This comes so close to what I need, except that you can only add emails as main tasks, not as sub tasks. Let’s say you get an email asking you to write a report, so you turn it into a task–sorted! But then you get two more external emails (i.e. the people aren’t on Yanado themselves), asking you to send a copy of the report to them, and each person includes specific instructions for a summary they’d like included. That’s obviously two subtasks, and the most efficient way to get them out of your inbox would be to use the ‘Add as task’ button to add them as subtasks to the report task you’ve just created. But Yanado only lets you create them as new tasks.

    • Just to let you know, we’re working on adding more emails to a task and as subtasks. We should have it by mid November!

      • Carl

        Thanks for the response and great to hear! I’ve had another look at Yanado in response to the recent announcements about new features but it looks like that one isn’t out yet. I’ll keep on listening for it…

        • It will be ready 2 weeks from now. We finally figured out how to do it and we added it to the release in two weeks.

  • Matt

    Maybe it is me, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get the full screen view again. All I see is the small “Add as Task” button at the top of my GMail page. I want to use it more, but not being able to see all my tasks on a full page is frustrating. I try the shortcuts with no success. What am I missing?

    • Check out the image on the link bellow. Can you find that Tasks link in the Gmail header? Once you close Yanado you can always open it from there. Let me know if that works!

      • GettinScrewed

        I have the same problem but I don’t have the Task button in the header. Only the Yanado button and it says Nothing to see here. I also have the AddTask button next to the Gmail buttons. No way to reopen the Yanado header bar. It appears when I refresh but the disappears

        • Don’t you see the Open Yanado in the top left corner of that dropdown? Can you send me a direct email (ivan at so I can help you faster?

  • AskJoanne

    What happens to items after I click the checkbox next to the task? Can I find them again? Or should I be moving them to done instead of using the checkbox?

    • That will mark the task as archived. You see the archived tasks by selecting filter to show them. Let me know if you can find the Show filter from the yanado bar.

      • AskJoanne

        Perfect. Thank you. I am still learning my way around. What a GREAT product. Exactly what I was looking for.

        • Thank you 🙂 feel free to contact support whenever you need anything.

  • AskJoanne

    I love the set due date, but I don’t really need a reminder to be added to each due date. Is there a way to turn off the default 10 minute reminder?

    • Point taken. We will add this as an option in your settings. Btw, you can turn that off if you go to the Google calendar and remove default reminder for it!

      • AskJoanne

        Good thought, but I checked the event notifications setting for the calendar, but it doesn’t appear that any are set.

  • Ron Barron

    In the version I’ve installed, there is no calendar icon next to the reminder and while a Yanado calendar has been created in G-Cal, no reminders are showing up there. Missing something?

    • Ron, I’ve contacted you over email so we can resolve this!

      • Auditiyo Das Gupta

        Hi there, I’m actually having the same problem as OP. What’s more is I cant find the Yanado Settings menu either.

        • I have contacted you via our support channel with explanations!

    • Katerina Galchuk

      Hello! I have the same problem – no calendar icon and the tasks from Yanado are not shown in calendar, though the “yanado calendar” appeared on the calendar list, see:

  • Alexandr Chasnyk

    Hello. I accidentally delete one of my list. Is there a way to recover it ?

  • Alexandr Chasnyk

    Hello again. How to show completed task. I get used that all task is seen, but completed is just crossed out

    • Click on the Show filter and select Archived option. Let me know if that worked for you.

      • Alexandr Chasnyk

        It seems to me work. Thank you. Can you make it as check box, rather than single option. I think it will get more flexibility to user interface.

  • Alexandr Chasnyk
    How can i understand this. There is 12 tasks but i can’t see any ? What i did wrong ?

    • If you take a look at the Show filter you will see you have selected My Recently Updated Tasks. Since you don’t have any updated tasks that you haven’t already opened, the list is empty. Change the show filter to All Tasks.

  • Brax Field

    Love Yanado free trial and very keen to Upgrade to pay but one question : –
    Q1 – How do I BackUp all the lists and notes that I add into Yanado? I am not going to input lots of data if I cant create a backup. A csv or text or html file is fine but I NEED to backup in case there is a problem with Yanado. Thanks

    • I’ve replied to you via email!

      • Brax Field

        Thank you for the quick response Ivan.

    • Mark Spence

      This would be good to be in available to everyone as my redemption code doesn’t seem to have worked and I only have 5 days of Free trial left so I’d like to back up in case my recode issue doesn’t resolve in time!