About Yanado

Bringing balance into every team in the world


Give before you get.

Helping others, without expectation of immediate reciprocation.

It's about people.

Making people the center of everything we do.

Take ownership.

Taking responsibility for your actions and staying behind your words and deeds.

Embrace the failure.

Being able to accept failure as a part of growth.

Be bold and take risks.

Using risk as an opportunity for bold growth, leading to the greatest rewards.

Be better than the day before.

Striving for small, but constant improvement.

Be nice.

Everyone you see is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.

Do or do not. There is no try.

We get things done. We’re Yanadoers!

Have fun.

Enjoy your work and enjoy working with your team.

We're providing tools, methods and philosophy to make teams happy.

Team Members

These people are working hard to make Yanado rock for you.

Ivan Mojsilovic

Ivan Mojsilovic

CO-Founder & CEO

Ex hacker turned hustler. Background in software engineering, project management and entrepreneurship.

In his free time…there's no free time for him. At least not now.


Prvoslav Savic

CO-Founder & CTO

Building software and his muscles for years. Responsible for all the bugs you can find.

Looks like a pit bull, but deep down he's a nice guy and great engineer.


Tihomir Leka

Lead Mobile Developer

Producing exceptional code for over a decade. Never tried to build muscles except his belly.

When he was young, guitar was his passion. Now it's all about food and wine.


Milos Mirkovic

UI Designer

UI designer, pushing pixels around for almost a decade. Focuses on bringing clean and easy to use interface.

If he is not at his workstation, nobody knows where he is.


Aleksandar Ivosevic

Serious Developer

Making Yanado great from dusk till dawn. Bugless developer ever. Also no luck with muscles.

Loves to watch movies. His favorite is Source Code. Go figure.

It’s not about technology. It’s about people. We will provide the best solution for your team to find it’s balance.