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How To Integrate Yanado With Slack

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Slack is one of the most popular chat tools on the market with huge user base. We’re happy to announce Yanado integration with Slack.

The most powerful productivity combo in the world is ready to take you to the next level!

How to install Yanado for Slack?

  1. To install Yanado for Slack, follow these simple steps:
  2. Go to Slack page on Yanado site and click Connect button
  3. Authorize Yanado to access the Slack team you wish to install
  4. Select a Slack channel where you want to receive notifications. It’s important to remember that you can’t change the channel later. The only way to change it is to reinstall Yanado.
  5. Share with the world!


How to receive Yanado notifications within Slack?

Once you have installed Yanado for Slack, you can select lists you want to receive notifications from.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Yanado settings page and click on the Integration button
  2. Click on the Slack on the left sidebar
  3. Click on the button Select Lists
  4. Select lists you want to receive notifications from and then click Add button (same principle for removing the lists)
  5. Click on the Save button at the bottom


list yanado tasks in slack

How to use Yanado inside Slack?

To verify the installation, go to any channel in Slack and type “/yanado help”. If you are able to see the commands instructions your installation is successful.

By typing “/yanado help” command, you will see all the Yanado commands you can use within Slack. Yanado reserved words are: lists, tasks, add, details, help.

Here’s the list of all commands:

  • To list all lists: /yanado lists
  • To list all tasks in your list: /yanado tasks: Shopping Today
  • To create a task in a list: /yanado add Buy milk to Shopping Today
  • To assign the task to a user when creating it: /yanado add Buy milk to Shopping Today @smith
  • To see task details: /yanado details taskid
  • To comment on a task : /yanado comment taskID Buy fresh milk please!
  • To open task details and update a task, use Slack buttons. Once you list tasks in Slack, you can click on the Details button and open the task details. There you can update certain fields such as assignee, due date, status etc.

yanado slack buttons

Please let us know what else we could do for you to make this integration even better.

  • SA_NYC

    This is very nice, a great addition to Yanado. Question: is there a way to create a task in Yanado from a Slack message from someone else?

    • You could copy paste that message into Yanado command, but there’s a better way. You can use Zapier integration where you can setup Zap that will create a Yanado task from the starred message in Slack. Works like a charm for me!

      • SA_NYC

        Thanks for the reply Ivan, that’s interesting as I checked Zapier and didn’t see Yanado as a supported app. I used to have this exact Zap for Todoist, so I know how to set up Zaps. But could I ask how you’re connecting to Yanado via Zapier? Much obliged.

        • We are currently in the review process for making Yanado public on Zapier. Meanwhile you can join our private beta:

          • SA_NYC

            Ah, that’s nice. However, Zapier is telling me I need a Yanado API key, which isn’t showing up in Yanado. I’ll message you directly from within Yanado to ask about this. Thank you!

          • Just in case, here’s the video on how to get Yanado API key:

          • SA_NYC

            Terrific, I was missing the Create step. Zap created, starred Slack messages now going to Yanado! Thank you!