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How to run customer support with Yanado

Recognising what different types of customers want and responding to their needs in a quick and efficient manner is an essential part of working in customer service.

As your company grows and gets more clients, the chance is that the number of various tickets in customer support mailbox will significantly increase. In just a few hours, a customer support representative can receive a large number of requests. One can be about a software bug, others about payment fee or a request for a refund. Every client wants their problem solved quickly, and soon all that turns into a clustered chaos in which even a group of hard working customer service agents will make mistakes because they are buried in work.

The reputation of your company can be damaged with bad customer service, but good organization and quick resolving of requests will result in improved business processes and repeat customers.

Yanado provides a simple, yet effective way of handling your customer support via Gmail, and here is how you can use it.



First, you need to put all customer requests in one place.

You can do that by creating a list named “Support”, and invite each member of your customer support team to this list.



Specific Statuses that correspond to the steps you use in resolving customers’ requests need to be created. They will show everybody on the team current progress in resolving a particular request.

We suggest you create the following Statuses:

  • New Ticket – For all the incoming tickets and future support requests
  • Doing – Put all requests that you are working on in this column
  • Need More Info – Here you put unresolved requests for which you need additional information
  • Done – This status is for all the requests that have been completed

Whenever there is a new customer support request, put it in New Ticket column, and you can drag and drop it across statuses.



When a user sends a request via company e-mail, you can directly put it in a New Ticket column. First, you open the e-mail, see what it is about, click on Add as Task button, and add it to Support status.

This step can be automated with Zapier, so every time you have a new e-mail thread, Zapier will automatically create a task in Yanado.

Now when a task is in New Tickets column, you can set a due date, check a task type, add a priority status, notes, and comments for your colleagues.



If you want to open the e-mail from any status column and reply back to the customer, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the envelope icon,
  2. Then click on the message
  3. Yanado will automatically open an e-mail attached to that task, and you can reply from there.

Finally, you will see that the task is attached to that e-mail, and you can change its status directly from there.


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