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Big Summer Product Update

Yanado Summer Product Update

This article is part of our Product Updates Series.

As summer holidays are coming to an end, you would probably expect us to talk about how our team had a great bonding time while sailing somewhere on Mediterranean Sea, but that’s not the story here.

What really was happening is that, while some were getting tanned, we were actually putting in some really serious and hard work – and so it paid off, as it always does.

Last three months were super exciting for our Yanado crew, cause we managed to get through several major points in our product’s roadmap.

We worked on some smaller improvements in the existing features, but we also built several new features, which we are really proud of and excited to share with you.

So, here we give you a “big” product update on everything we’ve accomplished during this summer.


Task Templates

With Yanado Task templates you will now be able to duplicate all those tasks you most commonly create or that are repeatable from time to time.

It is easy as a one click action and it saves you the pain of creating the same tasks all over again.

Learn more about this feature here: How To Use Task Templates in Yanado


Task Reminders

With fresh new Task Reminders in Yanado, we make sure you don’t forget about your important tasks. You can use them in several different ways, letting you completely customize the way you want to receive reminders for the important tasks you create.

Learn more about this feature here: How To Use Task Reminders in Yanado


Recurring Tasks

This is a major one! While it did took one whole month to build it, it will surely save YOU a lot of that time you would usually spend on creating repeatable tasks.

Recurring tasks feature in Yanado is here for all those tasks you repeat on daily, weekly or monthly basis, or that are part of the streamlined process of your team. Essentially it will create these repeating tasks for you – automatically.

Learn more about this feature here: How To Use Recurring Tasks in Yanado


Google Calendar Integration Settings

With fresh new improvements we’ve added in Google Calendar Integration settings, you will find some great options that will help you to use Google Calendar for keeping up with important due dates you set in Yanado.

Learn more about this feature here: Google Calendar Integration Settings in Yanado


Boolean Search Option

The new boolean search we added in Yanado will make searching through the piles of tasks even easier than before.

Learn more about this feature here: How To Use Boolean Search in Yanado


Billing in Yanado

In this guide we give you all you need to know about: How Billing in Yanado Works


Upgrade as a Company

From now on, all the users who Upgrade as a Company in Yanado with their company email are becoming Super Admins.

As a super admin, you become an owner of all the data that gets added by company users. You can view an overview of all the actions users performed in Yanado.

Here’s all you need to know about: How To Upgrade as a Company in Yanado


Team Management Settings

Yanado Settings are now enhanced with the Team page, to help easily manage all the Users and Lists from your team or company.

Here’s all you need to know about: Team Management in Yanado.