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Yanado Project Management Templates

To make it easier to setup your account and to help you be more productive with Yanado, we developed project templates. You can use project templates to jump start your setup.

By selecting a template, Yanado will create a new project with the same statuses, custom fields, tags and even template tasks if you need them.

There are two types of project templates:

  1. Yanado project templates
  2. Your own project templates
Yanado project templates

Yanado project templates


Yanado Project Templates

Yanado project templates are templates created by Yanado team. Those project templates are ready only and you can use them to create your own projects based on them.

If you have ideas on how we should update those or if you have your own templates to share with the community feel free to drop as a line so we can talk about it.

Your own project templates

These project templates are actually all existing projects you have active at the moment. Each of those can be used as a template the same way use can use Yanado project templates.

The only difference is that with your own project templates you have a full control on how they should look like and what content should be in them.

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