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Top 5 Gmail Extensions That Improve Your Productivity

Although I’m pretty satisfied with Gmail, how it looks like and what it does, I still need assistance from other tools to get the information I so desperately need.

To save you hours on installing and uninstalling all sorts of different plug-ins, I have constructed a list of top five email extensions that will give you all the necessary information to find that perfect tool for you: is a very simple and powerful tool that organizes your emails and clears all the unwanted trash from your inbox.

Next to reducing clutter, this neat app also gives you the ability to unsubscribe from tons of terrible mailing lists, so that you can once again open your email without being stress out by avalanches of useless data.

When I installed, I couldn’t believe on how many mailing lists I was on. It was ridiculous. The total number was scary as Hell.

Looking over them, I found out that dozens of these so called list administrators added me without asking permission. How rude is that? is a free service that works with Gmail, Google Apps and Yahoo, and it’s pretty easy to setup. All you need to do is sign in with your email client, and in just a couple of clicks, you’re good to go.


Once you give it a green light, the app instantly goes to work and starts scanning your email account to see which subscriptions you receive. Don’t worry, the whole process takes just a few minutes.

Not only does unsubscribe you from these malicious lists, it also allows you to “roll” all of your various other newsletters or reoccurring emails into one single daily digest called “Rollup”.

This filter combines all your data into a single and easy to scroll email, in order to give you something that you can actually work with.

Yes, you have full control of your “rollup”, and yes, you can easily tell to mark certain addresses and their emails to your inbox, once again.’s “edit mode” lets you go over a group, or a specific message and choose if you want to unsubscribe, or have it sent to a specific target in your inbox.

You can also setup a custom time or day when you want to receive your “rollup”. Monday, Tuesday, over the weekends, in the morning or in the afternoon – it’s all up to you. is a very intuitive, very useful and very efficient tool that really does what it’s supposed to do – clear unwanted noise from your inbox.

Behind this app stands a team of focused and gifted individuals who are constantly trying to up their game and give you a product that will truly solve some of your problems. I really admire that.


Yesware is probably one of the best email tracking extensions around. With its great real-time analytical system, Yesware helps you get detailed and precise insight on how your content is performing, and enables you to have a clear picture what email templates are working better than others.

This kind of feature gives you the ability to track your sales team’s performances, while providing them with important information on how to increase their efficiency.


Knowing what content sells, who viewed your presentation and how much time visitors spent on your page is certainly a form of information that could be of great use to you.

These kind of things, if taken seriously, can save you a lot of time & effort on trying to figure out where you went wrong, and what kind of material stimulates your public.

This all-in-one sales toolkit comes is in different packages. Yesware has a great promotional strategy. Creators of this software offer an awesome service for individual users for $0 dollars per month.

This Free Plan covers your most basic needs to get you started and shows you just how necessary this tool is for your business.

Yesware is great tool for everyone who uses their inbox to sell their products. It’s a great analytics software for all back-to-back communication methods.

Get this product now, optimize your workflow and see an increase in your sales in record time!


Boomerang is a cool little extension that handles scheduling, sending and postponing of your incoming emails. When important, but not urgent email comes in, I usually tend to mark it important and forget all about it until it’s too late.

Luckily, I have Boomerang now. This extension has a neat little feature that allows you, as a user, to simply click on a certain space and postpone a specific email for whenever you assume you’ll have time to deal with it.

It reappears in your inbox as if it had just arrived. Like hitting the snooze button on incoming email! It’s optimized for mobile and tablets.

If you work remotely and/or run around from meeting to meeting like I do all the time, you know how much this means to me.


All joking aside, an app as simple and highly functional as Boomerang has really helped me reorganize the way I send and receive emails, making both my short-term memory and response time better by far.

The only downside I see is that you do have to grant Boomerang access to your emails so that it can work its magic.

Then again, this is a common risk we have to take with any app or plug-in these days and the guys who developed Boomerang seem to take security seriously.

The upside, other than an abundance of saved time and proper response to emails – Boomerang recently launched an Android app that many have said could actually replace Gmail for Android users.

I seriously doubt I’ll be switching from Gmail to anything else entirely any time soon, but I can’t imagine my inbox or outbox without Boomerang anymore.


Wisestamp is a freemium Gmail HTML signature app that works on Chrome and Firefox.

This great email signature management extension lets you easily brand your emails, centrally manage your employees’ email footers, use professional signature templates and enforce your company policy.

A lot of people don’t seem to understand the sales power behind something as simple as an email signature app.

Let’s think about it this way. If your organization has 30 employees, each sending 15 emails daily, then your brand sends over 150,000 emails annually. Not bad, right?


Each one of these branded emails is a potential ad impression & a business card of your business.

This kind of great trick can make your email a serious marketing weapon that constantly keeps your brand into your recipient’s heads, and encourages him to drive more traffic to your website.

Wisestamp is really easy to use. All you need to do is pop in your logo, select a desirable type font, and choose a template and your good to go.


Yanado is an easy to use, distraction free task and project management software inside Gmail.

This tool does wonders for those who are constantly dealing with tasks, reminders, to do lists, and all sorts of other gtd issues.

We’re not writing this just because it is ours, but because Yanado really solves our productivity problems.

Just like me, most businessmen are spending their work days inside an email client. Most of the time, they have to work together with non-business people such as developers, designers etc.

In order to manage their work, they use tools like Asana, Trello, Kanbanize to organize what needs to be done, what’s done and to track progress.


The problem is that business people have to leave their everyday tool (email client) to go and check what’s going on. Also, developers and designers need to leave their everyday tools (Eclipse, NetBeans, Adobe stuff etc) to update their work and check what to do next.

And all of them hate to do that. They don’t necessarily hate Asana. What they hate is leaving their tool.

This is where Yanado comes to saves the day.

With its great intuitive UI, Yanado has helped many people around the world get things done, as effectively as possible.

When you install Yanado, the software automatically integrates with your Gmail and allows you to have an entire work overview, without leaving your favorite station.

Our extension also supports Google calendar integration, so you can quickly add new tasks, deadlines, and meetings, so your schedule stays organized and updated.

From here you can search through any relevant emails pertaining to the project you have received in your Gmail. You can also add your messages to certain groups, in orders to have a better overview on that’s going on inside your inbox.


So, now that you’ve read about our favorite extensions, feel free to share in the comments ones that you’ve been using. Who knows, maybe we’ll write about your favorite tool on this blog, some time in a near future.

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