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No need to waste time jumping between Gmail and project management tools. Manage your projects with Yanado right inside your Gmail. Stop losing focus and get the job done.

Why waste time learning a new tool, when you can share tasks and manage projects straight from your Gmail

Free your Gmail from being a TODO list

Turn important emails into tasks. Use Gmail for emails, Yanado will take care of tasks.

Simple and Familiar User Interface

Yanado looks & feels like part of the Gmail. Just look at those notifications from Yanado!

Teams around the globe love Yanado!




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What our users think

Bojan Cincur

Bojan Cincur

Organising my daily tasks was never this fast and efficient. And linking them to emails so I can respond to emails and resolve task fast and at the same time is something that I cant imagine a day without it.

Drazen Zujovic

Mike Hamilton


Yanado integrates perfectly into my workflow by linking tasks to emails which saves a ton of time; the pace of development is great too. It's been useful from the beginning but I've already seen significant improvements and more is added all the time.

Mark Unrau

Mark Unrau

Front Range Films

Lovin' being able to organize all my tasks in my companies #GoogleApp with Yanado. Elegant, powerful and not hard on the eyes!

Nebojša Radović

Nebojša Radović


Finally easy and convenient tool to manage your tasks inside Gmail.

Yanado Features

Project Management

Manage project progress and track who is doing what in your team.

Task Management

Create tasks and TO-DO lists within seconds.

Real Time Notifications

Receive project updates right inside your Gmail and reduce the number of emails you are getting.

Add Emails as Tasks

Create tasks from emails with a single click, add them to projects and set reminders.

Due dates & Reminders

Never miss a deadline again by setting due date and reminders on your tasks (synced with Google Calendar).

Visualise your work

Choose between a simple list or a kanban-view with cards to easily visualize your work.

Share Tasks

Delegate tasks and discuss details with your team members.


Subtasks are great way to breakdown complex task into smaller steps.


Use tags to improve search and organization of your tasks.

It’s not about technology. It’s about people. We will provide the best solution for your team to find it’s balance.

We work where you work

Yanado works inside of the Gmail, so your team can get started quickly and stay focused on work - not learning new software.

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