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Create Custom Statuses For Your Tasks in Yanado

We all have our own workflow and a way of doing things. It doesn’t matter if we use pen & paper or some online tool, we pretty much stick to doing things `our` way.

Yanado is made to help you work faster and smoother – its goal is to be extra-customizable and adjustable to your workflow.

So, we are happy to announce a new feature: Custom Statuses for your tasks.

Every TO-DO list has a default set of statuses: Open, Doing, Done. Now you can change those and create your own!

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Here are a few examples:

  • Ideas – tasks you want to think about,
  • Review – tasks that need to be reviewed by someone,

or if you are a software developer, you might need:

  • Testing – tasks in testing phase,
  • Production ready – tasks ready for deployment etc.

Click here to check this super-short video to see how that works.

Any comments and suggestions are more than appreciated.

Keep the workflow smooth!