Manage Your Team Work From Gmail

Every support ticket, project, sale starts with an email. Yanado works inside of the Gmail, so your team can get started quickly and stay focused on work.

Trusted by over 30,000 teams from all over the world!

Keep Focus On Work

No need to waste time jumping between Gmail and project management tools. Manage your projects with Yanado right inside your Gmail. Stop losing focus and get the job done.


Manage your sales pipeline and boost your sales productivity with email templates and email tracking.


Manage your editorial calendar, marketing activities and goals integrated with Google calendar and Gmail.

Customer Support

Deliver outstanding support service right from Gmail. Use email templates to boost your team's productivity.


Use kanban board to track your operations and keep your team accountable. Never miss a deadline again!

It's not about technology. It's about People.

From customer support to sales, Yanado lets every team manage projects thanks to Trello-like boards, share and assign emails via shared inboxes all from within Gmail.

Project Management

Manage project progress and track who is doing what in your team.

Task Management

Create tasks and TO-DO lists within seconds.

Turn Emails To Tasks

Create tasks from emails with a single click, add them to projects and set reminders.

Shared Emails

Share emails between your teammates or virtual assistants.

Due Dates & Reminders

Never miss a deadline again by setting due date and reminders on your tasks (synced with Google Calendar).

Share Tasks

Delegate tasks and discuss details with your team members.


Subtasks are great way to breakdown complex task into smaller steps.

Real Time Notifications

Receive project updates right inside your Gmail and reduce the number of emails you are getting.


Use tags to improve search and organization of your tasks.

Custom Statuses

Customize Yanado based on your processes. Use different statuses for different task stages.

Custom Fields

Enrich Yanado tasks with custom fields. Create fields for numbers, dates, Google contacts etc.


Track who's finishing tasks on time and who's not. Find bottlenecks in your processes.

See How it’s Work?

Check out how to use Yanado for managing simple sales pipeline within Gmail.

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