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How Helps Salesmen Turn Leads Into Clients

What is the primary goal for every profitable business out there? – To make more money.

No matter if they’re satisfied or not with their current client base, serious businesses are still looking to grow.

Everyone who has ever owned a firm or has been in charge of sales, will tell you that the key factor to closing more deals lies in working existing and discovering new leads.

Although keeping track of your sales leads is one of the most important ways to increase revenue, it takes an insane amount of time and effort to analyze their behavior.


Simplify and Manage Your Sales Process

In order to figure out which approach works best and how to turn potential clients into paying customers, one must keep day-to-day records and constantly reevaluate performances.

If you work in a company that sells a bit complicated service, it could take weeks and even months to train your sales reps.


I used to work for this one big US company who, at that time, kept all their sales records and leads in this one giant Google Drive spredsheet.

As you can imagine, optimizing that list was a total nightmare. I used to spend insane amount of hours going through all sorts of numbers and reports.

I barely had any time to do what they hired me to do in the first place.

When I started my own thing I knew I had to find a solution for this sort of problem. I just had to find a way how to get more sales, without hiring additional people and spend less time analyzing numbers.

Luckily, I came across

What is and How it Helps You Get More Clients?

To put it simply, is a piece of software whose primary goal is to help you turn all your potential clients into something more than that.

This carefully tailored software gives its users everything they need to know in order to close more deals.

You could say that makes it easy for businesses to receive more emails and phone calls than ever before.


This software offers in-app phone support, automatic contact history updates, built in-notification system, smart search, advanced sales tracking channels and complete sales overview – to put it in layman’s words, this tool basically tells you what you need to do more and what less in order to increase revenue.

Yes, you can call your clients directly within the app, and yes, you can record conversations and forward calls to different numbers through a certain PBX system.

Easy Way to Track Leads and Employee Activity

Like I wrote above, gives you one beautiful workflow without any manual data entry.

Best suitable for firms who employee from 2 to 250 people, helps you easily create lists of people who to call, log their responses and measure efficiency rates.

It makes your everyday sales work a lot easier to follow and manage.


The thing that I really like about is its activity reporting system. It helps you keep track of every employee’s activity. You know what they’re doing and how well, at any given time.

The reporting section is very easy to use and if your company works off commission, then the detailed reports can make it extremely easy to calculate.

This feature also offers a thing called “pipeline” reporting, which shows you the total number of leads and opportunities of any upcoming project.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Manage

What really sells this edge CRM platform is its slick interface. The application will require some time to setup, depending on the type of machine you’re installing it on.

Once you get it up and running, everything gets a lot easier. The whole interface is extremely well designed.

This program was created by people from the sales world, so you know that they spent a lot of time trying to optimize it for all types of salesmen around the world.

tumblr_inline_mjk9fipzwq1qz4rgp comes in both a web version and a desktop version for Mac and Windows. As far as I could figure out, they offer pretty much the same features and performances.  I really haven’t seen any differences. is a paid service that comes in four different packages. They are a bit expensive, but then again, this program really has all the necessities to help you increase your profits.

Like many business magazines say: “You need to spend money to make money!”



Wait, There’s More has a tone of other extremely useful features, like 2-way email integration, that could help with your day-to-day work.

The guys behind this software are really doing their best to provide you with everything you need in order to better optimize your business.

Don’t take my words for it, install and see it work its magic.

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